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All Ukraine at one tour

Day 1

Kiev - capital of Ukraine

Kyiv - beautiful city with its centuries-old history and rich culture. The tour includes visit to Vladimir’s Cathedral - the most prominent sacral painting complex of the late XIX c. decorated by world well-known artists. You will see St. Sophia Cathedral - the oldest temple in the Eastern Slavonic states built in the beginning of XI c. to glorify the victory of Prince Yaroslav the Wise over Pechenegs’ tribes. You will enjoy amazing view of two golden-domed monastery complexes while walking along Sophiiska and Mykhailivska Squares. The tour continues to St. Andrew’s Church - a striking piece of baroque architecture of XVIII c. built according to the designs of well-known architect B. Rastrelli on the top of Vladimir’s Hill. Andriivskyi Uzviz (Descent) that starts from St. Andrew’s Church will impress you with its unique atmosphere.

Day 2

Mamayeva Sloboda ethnographical complex

Today we offer you traditional Ukraine activities:

-           Master-class in cooking traditional Ukrainian “varenyky” (dumplings) or master-class in making traditional Ukrainian doll “motanka”

-           Ukrainian nalivka’s (liquors) tasting

-           Cossac’s horse-riding performance (15 minutes)

-           Concert of church bells performed by the best bell ringer of Ukrain (15 minutes)

-           Master-class in Ukrainian dances

Day 3

Klevan- Tonnel of Love

Tunnel of Love is a real botanic phenomenon: it’s formed of tree and bush overgrowth, which twisted each other and made an amazing tight tunnel of the exact arched form. There are plenty beliefs and legends about Tunnel and it’s features. Some of couples plant flowers here, that symbolize their feelings

Day 4

Lviv sity - UNESCO World

Today you will discover the Rynok Square, the Opera Theater and the main historical and contemporary sites of old town. You will hear stories and learn secrets that will allow you to better get to know this city. Unlike many cities in Ukraine, Lviv was lucky enough to escape the destruction in the World War Two, and nowadays its fascinating streets and numerous museums make it one of the most exciting places in Ukraine to explore. 
During the tour you will discover the historic center of Lviv, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will walk old town's main avenues, squares, and narrow cobbled streets.

Day 5

Lviv - castle and master - clas and tasting

Castle Mountain (Kniazha Mountain, Mount Vysoky Zamok) is one of the hills in the city of Lviv, the highest point of the city is 413 m above sea level [1]. In Austrian times it was called the Sand Mountain, and after visiting the cemetery in the year 1851 - Mount Franz Josef. At the top there is an observation deck, which leads to a spiral pedestrian path. The playground and path are lit at the darkest times of the day.

Testing of  ‘Tinctures from Lviv’  or ‘Center of beer culture’


Day 6


A good, unique, a bit mysterious and royal free city, one of the few where the past is almost unchanged. The center of Ivano-Frankivsk is decorated with a town hall with a gilded dome, the neighboring Market Square, a Jesuit church in baroque style, an Armenian church, a functioning synagogue and old houses.

Day 7

Yaremche - Bukovel

We will visit Yaremche – a small town in the Carpathians Mountains, located on the banks of the Prut River. Then, we will travel to the Carpathian village of Dora and take an easy walk in the Carpathians. We will finish the day in Bukovel – the biggest ski resort in Ukraine.

Day 8

Poloninsky farm

Tour of the Poloninsky farm with tasting of traditional cheeses and liqueurs. Master class on modeling of clay (or processing of leather, metal).

Lunch in a kolyba accompanied by traditional musicians.

Day 9


Today, we will continue exploring the Hutsul region by visiting the neighbouring villages – Verkhovyna and Kryvorivnia, each of them located in the valley surrounded by the mountains and having many interesting museums.

Day 10


Strolling through Chernivtsy you will become familiar with the architectural and cultural heritage of the city, which is one of the most picturesque ones in Ukraine, once called "Little Paris", the city, which kept up with Vienna, where the sidewalks were swept by bouquets of roses and bookstores were more popular than coffeehouses.

Day 11

Kamenets-Podolskyi - Khotyn

Khotyn is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine (originated at Х-ХІ). The city was a "plum" for many conquerors, several times there had been bloody battles. No wonder that there, on the banks of the Dniester river, in the second half of the XIII century. on the site of an old wooden fortress   was built one of  stone, which has become one of the most powerful defense fortresses in Eastern Europe and now bears the name Khotyn fortress.

Visit the city, where  national and cultural traditions of all nations and religions living at peace. Kamenets is also one of the oldest cities in  Ukraine, the historic center of Podolia

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