Ukraine: Cycling in Ukraine

Are you looking for the cycling routes, which take you off-the-beaten tracks? To the places that have not been yet spoiled by a mass of tourists? To the roads that keep the traditions and local charm? Ukraine has plenty of those to offer!

If you would like comfort, but still have the thrill of exploring an unknown destination, you can go on daily cycling trips along the major cities, or take up long cycling routes in Carpathians.

If dirty roads, or no roads at all, is what makes you want to take out your bike, then hit the mountain ranges in Carpathians, old abandoned paths in Crimea, or uninhabited areas of the Northern Ukraine.

And if you don't know from where to start, check out this collection of top recommended places for both on-road and off-road biking.

Top Picks for Road Cycling

 1 - Lviv



In the West, Lviv has plenty of historical attractions that are easily accessible by bikes: Golden Horseshoe of Castles, Zhovkva and Krekhiv. If you are into farms, street wandering cows and wooden horse carts, just take up a road to any of the villages nearby, and you are in for a surprising experience of Ukrainian countryside.  Roztochya Nature Reserve is particularly great for beautiful scenery and resting (around Yaniv lake). 

Golosiyivsky Park is a unique nature park with its cascade lakes situated right in the central part of Kiev. An enchanted forest, picturesque natural landscape and fresh air will immediately help you forget your daily troubles.In the minds of many believers Golosiyivskiy Park and forest are also strongly associated with Golosiyivsky desert, where pilgrims come not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries. Pushcha - Vodycia is Kyiv's by far most popular rest area.  A land of forests, small ponds and lakes, and even a tram line that takes you along its pine trees! Rent a bike and set off for green escape, only minutes away from busy Kyiv streets. 

2 – Kiev
Ukraine's capital is tightly packed with parks, forests and lakes. All those can give you the comfort of shaded woods,  clean air, and great picnic places,  just a metro stop away.files/Ukraine/Ukraine/Where/Kyiv/48church_kiv.jpg

How to get there: To reach Pushcha-Vodytsia, take tram #12, that departs from Kontraktova Square, and travel all the way to the route's end point. To reach Golosiyivsky Forest, take a metro to the Lybidska Metro Station. From there, get on trolleybuses #4, #11 or #12 and travel until the stop 'Park Rylskoho'.  

Note: While it is possible to cycle outside the cities, it is not advised to ride your bike on the busy city roads. Only Lviv is starting to build cycling pathways, and still needs long way to go. Kiev, Odessa and other large cities do not have dedicated roads for cyclists, and thus can be dangerous to navigate.

3 - Ivano-Frankivsk Regionfiles/Ukraine/Ukraine/Where/Biking/Biking4.JPG

Carpathians Mountains are a heaven for cyclists. The tourist infrastructure is well-developed compared to the rest of Ukraine, and you can have easy access to quality accommodation every 30-40 km. Small towns like Yaremche, Vorokhta, Kolomyia and Verkhovyna sit amidst the stunning views of the mountains, and have well-marked trails for daily cycling trips around them. Follow one of the routes, and you will discover the magical world of Carpathian countryside, full of Hutsul cultural heritage, traditional wooden churches, home-made brynza cheese, and most welcoming people.


4 - Transcarpathian Region

Bordering three countries (Romania, Hungary and Slovakia), Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine is an eclectic mix of cultures and traditions.  Here you can see signs in five languages, plenty of architectural landmarks, grand peaks of Carpathian Mountains, delightful small towns and always sunny weather!

Top picks for mountain biking

Poor state of Ukrainian roads is bad news for car owners, but a thrilling addition to any addicted off-road biker! Here's the best recommended places for some wild mountain biking:


1.Carpathian Mountains 

Carpathians are no doubt the hot spot for mountain biking in Ukraine. With some of the villages accessible only by foot or bike, the area has plenty of well-marked routes, diverse enough to suit cyclists of different fitness levels. Some areas of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve are particularly interesting: try going to Svydovets Mountain Range or ride up to Hoverla (Ukraine's highest peak). 

2 – Polissiya Nature Reserve

Tucked away in the farthest northern corner of Ukraine, this Reserve is disgracefully set aside on all tourists map. This area has tremendous plant and wildlife; is the least uninhabited territory of Ukraine; boasts gorgeous forests, crystal clear rivers, and remote trails. The downside is an almost complete absence of infrastructure. However, if you don't mind simple accommodation and/or tents, Polissya Nature Reserve is a must.


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