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manager: Гугіль Наталія

Walking inside the biggest Pysanka in Ukraine, getting familiar with Hutsul life and culture, visiting one of the oldest wooden churches – this means to be  and visit Kolomyia, the city that once gained the right to be called the "Capital of Galicia".

This city lures you with calmness and history. You can indulge yourself with an hour or two walking tour around downtown landmarks. Even if you make one in the nutshell,  you will be overwhelmed with positive emotions. The shortest way to get to the heart of the city passes through a wide avenue, running from the Heroes Square to the City Tower. Low-rise two-and-three stone houses, narrow streets, gorgeous maple trees along the pavement will accompany you to the place where long, long time ago Ivan Franko, a famous Ukrainian writer and public figure,  was imprisoned.

The local community has been the hub of culture and public education since early XX century. The downtown history is directly related to the public activity of Andrii Chaikivskyi. Being a lawyer by education and a philanthropist by call of duty, he has managed to assert upon community’s ownership right and showed soldiers the door, who wished to transform the place into military casernes. Once a week an interesting event, known as Embroidering Night, takes place here. It gets together  all embroiderers from around the region, offering the best traditional embroidered shirts ever. The city can boast off one of the oldest drama theatre in the region as well.

Interesting cycling and hiking trails to Kosiv, Yaremche, Verkhovyna start here. Drive a couple kilometers southward and you find yourself in the village of Pechenizhyn, the home land of Oleksa Dovbysh, a.k.a the Ukrainian Robin Hood. The neighboring village of Knizhdvir used to be popular salt market among old salt-merchants 200-300 years ago.

The great lovers of so-called "free art" drive through Kolomyia on the way to Unizh Art Festival. The most jaw-dropping landmark in the area is believed to be the waterfall in the village on Nyrkiv. So, do not miss a chance to visit it and take a couple of snaps.