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manager: Гугіль Наталія

Verkhovyna embodies the whole Hutsul style and mountain villagers’ character  in the truest sense of the word. 

The locals, vibrantly preserved ancestors' customs and traditions, will gladly help you get familiar with their household, legends, traditions and life style. Verkhovyna is a popular site to hunt for hand-made souvenirs, extreme entertainments and new freaky impressions.

This mountain village became the hub of rural tourism a long time ago. Hotels, motels, camping sites to any taste are at your disposal. Healthy and tasty food cooked from organic fruit and vegetables,  cultivated in villagers’ gardens only. Any Hutsul hostess will share with pleasure her best recipes, revealing whose the most tiny cooking tips, treating you with delicious porcini mushrooms, tinned  cherries, and various kinds of cheese.

The most interesting events take place here at Christmas, Easter and during Sheep Pasture Season. The locals wear the best ethnic cloths, some items have 100 or 200-year history and were inherited from ancestors. Then the locals get together, sing and dance and make fascinating mini-carnivals. Depending on the custom,  villagers go from door to the door, or make their way directly to the church or mass gathering venue.

Verkhovyna has a well developed extreme tourism infrastructure – whitewater rafting, quad tours, one-day-hiking adventure to the White Elephant Observatory or to the Hadzhyna Valley and then to the jaw-droping vista of Mt.  Shpytsi. The neighboring villages of Iltsi and Dzembronia are the favorite sites for jeeping adventures. Crossing  the Cheremosh River looks like a serious endeavor even for experienced jeepers. They train here not in vain. A couple of years ago when the region was hit by severe floods, these brave extreme adventurers saved hundreds of Hutsuls, who were literally cut off from the civilization.