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manager: Гугіль Наталія

The treasury of numerous ancient neolith artifacts and the hub of fine architecture, a cradle of modern Ukrainian literature and the gateway to Ukrainian Carpathian, each of these words defines Ivano-Frankivsk as a worth being visited destination. The city teems with cozy cafés, art galleries, green parks, squares and both, warm and hospitable locals.

The capital of Precarpathian Region covers a wide patch of valley between two Bystrytsia Rivers. The city was established by a Ukrainian noble, who invited the best medieval architects to fortify it. Ukrainian, Austria, Polish and Jewish communities  resided in the city from its very first day of foundation and made great contribution into city development. Being multination from the birth,  Ivano-Frankivsk was quickly transformed into the merchant city and transport hub.

You plunge into the world of esthetic pleasure  on stone-paved city streets, just in a while from stepping off the  train. The railway station is located not far from the downtown block, where you will find yourself in  10 minutes on foot. In the City Tower you get acquainted with the Tourist Information Center, that kindly provides you with all kind of relevant information about popular landmarks and venues.The  downtown hosts numerous sculptures, iron blacksmiths’ landmarks, cafes and art galleries. The main pedestrian street, friendly nicknamed "Sotka", every evening gathers a dozen of street musicians, entertaining the locals and tourists. The medieval dressed up ladies offer sweets and candies from the best  chocolateries in the city. You can make a wish standing by and rubbing the Tree of Wishes, made by iron blacksmiths, the one you meet while walking down the Sotka Promenade avenue.