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manager: Гугіль Наталія

Tourists call it "Lost Wanderland", the locals name it " Town on the Valley", wharever the name might be, either is impressed by Yaremche beauty and hospitality. 

You can hear people calling Yaremche the entrance door to the Ukrainian Carpathians. This is the spot where smaragdine mountains gently lean towards the Prut, a rapid mountain river, giving the place for Hutsul lifestyle and culture. The Probii Waterfall, nicknamed Ukrainian Niagara,  is roughing here. You can hear him whispering mountain song while finding yourself sitting in a cozy local restaurant and savoring traditional  local yummies .

Yaremche might be the unique place in Ukraine named after an ordinary peasant but not the rich man or a noble one  as usually occurs. The legend says that a poor bloke Yarema was the first settler in the area. However, Mal, the Prince of  Drevliany Tribe, stop by this place long time before and erected fortification in a neighboring village of Mykulychyn, that used to serve as the Kyivan Rus Principality border line on the west.

This area was rendered habitable long ago in pre-historic time, as testify such artifacts as bronze swords and kitchen utensils dated 8000 B.C. The Yaremche Land is so special, that the Carpathian National Natural Park is located around the largest part of its territory.

You can make one-day-trips once you are living or just staying in Yaremche. Just walk only 3 km away from the city and it looks as if  the civilization is over. ]You can enjoy a walking tour to the Zhonka River, strolling through old spruce forests. Picking berries and mushrooms are among summer popular activities here. The alpine pastures teem with hundreds of haystacks, the hay aroma plunges you into  rustic childhood, soaks inside your skin and clothes.

The city of Yaremche has a pretty well developed tourist infrastructure. The activities that may be interesting for you are quad trips, horse riding, amusement park for kids, souvenir market, a handful of museums and a drama theatre.