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manager: Гугіль Наталія

Lviv is a city of museums, monuments, cafes and, without exaggeration, home of million other interesting landmarks.

It breathes with history, teasing you with fine aroma of morning fresh-brewed coffee, echo of calm, old neighborhoods and color of old bricks. While walking down the street you may meet some historic  and modern famous characters.

You start getting familiar with the  Western Ukraine Capital from a tour city train. It slowly crawls through blocks of stone houses, passes by green parks,  and paved streets. Lviv is overwhelmed with European architecture with dominating classical style buildings. The city authority has recently completed tram rail remodeling project, so there is no need to hail a taxi in order to go sightseeing. You can fall in love with a city admiring it from a tram window.

Lviv locals are very kind, hospitable and occasionally weird fellows. Don’t wonder if you get stopped by one, requesting for a lovely chat, be it issues like politics, history or art; or bump into another one, thoughtfully involved into self-monologue. No haste or fuss in the city - cause of this one-day-stay in Lviv lasts twice longer.

Moreover, Lviv hosts about 100 different festivals every year. Some cafés and pubs have gained tremendous popularity not only in Ukraine, but abroad too. Kruivka Café and Hasova Liampa Pub attract visitors from Poland and Germany. Travelers visit Lviv because of such extraordinary handouts. Lviv is a perfect destination for pub-crawl  as well. Do not miss a chance to pop in for a day or two.