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The area between the Tysa and the Cheremosh, the Pryt and the Dnister, the Zbruch and the Sian Rivers has always been considered by Ukrainians as the land of promise. This is the place where unique and typical Ukrainian culture, tastes and character that differ from others in terms of variety, were born. The truth is that it is still possible to admire indigenous culture, cuisine and traditions, just choose the right destination for your vacations.


Ukrainian spiritual heritage is a mixture of pagan and Christian traditions. The Dovbush Rocks, a.k.a. Ukrainian Stonehenge, and the Pysanyi Kamin are both respected and worshipped as much as Maniava and Hoshiv Monasteries. By the way, you may notice a great deal of Hutsul churches and chapels while travelling around Hutsul Land.


The Ukrainian military pride is encrypted in remote and hidden bunkers locally known as “skhrons”, of guerilla army (URA). Ask an average local in villages of Zelene or Lupa, and you will hear a lot of staggering stories about liberation movent of Ukrainian Resistance in the middle of 20th century.


So, welcome to the Carpathian little wonderland!! When was the last time you had this much fun?

Day 1

Founded in the 13th century, Lviv is the heart of Western Ukraine. You will walk around the Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – as well as try the famous Lviv coffee.

Day 2

You will visit the highest point of Lviv – the Castle Hill and also we recommend to visit one of the master-class or testing of Ukraine cuisine.

Day 3

We start in Ivano-Frankivsk – a Galician town, which is the gateway to the region and the Carpathians – with a walking tour we will walk around the town centre of Ivano-Frankivsk and have dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 4

We will visit Yaremche – a small town in the Carpathians Mountains, located on the banks of the Prut River. Then, we will travel to the Carpathian village of Dora and take an easy walk in the Carpathians. We will finish the day in Bukovel – the biggest ski resort in Ukraine.

Day 5

You have the entire day to explore Carpathians Mountains. You will be spoilt of choice – walking, cycling, jeep-tours, a climbing wall, spa, swimming in the lake, horse-riding, paintball, fishing...

Day 6







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