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Mountain Lakes and Waterfalls, Remote Shephards' Huts, Sheep Cheese Making School

Elevation gains and drops, accompanied by breath-taking scenic landscapes, make Ukrainian Carpathians uncontestably a favorite destination among experienced tourists and beginners. Here you can find fairy-like nooks and pristine spots, presumably untouched by humans. Soft and tender moss serves you as a carpet, impressively beautiful rocks become the walls, and spruces tops form ceiling - stalking you stealthy along your hiking trail. This is another kind of freedom dimension, available to everyone.

Close your eyes and just imagine morning mountains, the piercing sunrays, struggling their way through thick mist; birds singing and you walking to the village well to have a wash. Then you savor a cup of warm, fresh milk and go to have rustic breakfast of pancakes or banosh. This is not the picture from a brand-new tour guidebook, no way. This is an ordinary morning in one of the mountain villages somewhere in Verkhovyna Land, near Yaremche or in Vorokhta.

You can not sleep late in the mountains. Five or six hours are enough to revitalize your body and fuel it with the energy, sufficient for making one-day hiking trip around the Yaremche Land – follow the Dovbush Trail, take a couple of snaps of the Pribii Waterfall or trek the Yavirnyk Range. The camping site next to Carpathian Reserve and near the Trout Fishery, just a stone’s throw away from Vedmezha Hora Hotel, could serve as a perfect lunch stop.

Day-after-day you become more-and-more mountain-addictive. So, one day get some maps in the local info center, learn a bit about route marking and choose the trail you like the most, the one that matches your trekking or hiking skills. Mind that Carpathian weather is changeable and unpredictable, so, do not forget your raincoat and travel coffee thermos. Ascending the Mt. Hoverla, the highest peak of Ukrainian Carpathians, will be the final conquering adversity of your stay. To secure your safety we recommend you to take an experienced guide with you.

Top Must-Hike Destinations

Maramaros Range

The place, known by experienced trekkers and hikers as the Carpathian Alps, has in store a lot of unforgetteable impressions from landscapes along the Ukrainian-Romania Border. Hiking here is close to paradise - no people, no well-trodden paths just you, your backpack, compass, map and camera.

Gorgany Range

The locals call this area "Gorgany" bucause of endless cobblestone fields. When it is raining, trekking is transformed into on-the-edge adventure and real fight for survival.But the landscape is so awesome, that you find yourself being in mountain jungle and never regret your decision.

Chornohora Range

The most popular mountain trail of the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is so popular because of six two-thousand-meter-peaks located there. On the Pip Ivan summit you can admire White Elephant Observatory covered with clouds and mist, puffing pipe like a real Hutsul shepherd who looks after sheep herd.

Apart of this man-made wonder you will be blindfolded by the beauty of the Carpathian Lakes and alpine meadows.

The Nesamovyte Lake is a misterious place and portal to underground world. If you trouble the waters, just by ignorance or intentionally, wait for adversity to occur.


Active Hutsul Region tour.

Active Hutsul Region tour.

Fancy flying in reality or diving into the depth of the most mysterious places in the world? There is no need to go on the edge of the world. Ukraine is a nice spot for extreme and stunning feelings. Extreme recreation in Ukraine  is for budget-oriented adventurers and is rumoured to be the most thrilling destination in the Eastern Europe. So, you have a good chance to explore beautiful spots and fall in love with Ukraine.

Ivano-Frankivsk-Yaremche-Haiking (Goverla-Homiak)- Rafting

Active Hutsul Region tour.