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X-country, Downhill, Backcountry Biking

Ukraine has not officially joined the European Union yet- not a big deal, European mood is already present in the Ukrainian Carpathians and is spreading further. Nevertheless, the activists of plenty NGOs have implemented a joint project under the name VeloKraina, due to which a network of camping shelters, marked trails and paths for two-wheel-riders were created.

Your bike leisure schedule is simple here. Just take a train to Ivano-Frankivsk, then grab your favorite bike and ride to Kolomyia, 60 km (32 mi) southeastward. Stay overnight in one of local certified bike houses where the hospitable owners will provide you with everything you need. By the way, they can arrange transfer from the railway station to the hotel on the request.

Other  provided by bike house services are free parking, bike repair and cleaning; plus sandwiches for every single bike ride are on the house. Having explored all interesting bike trails in the areas you can move to the next bike house in Pechenizhyn or Yablunytsia, afterwards move to scenic Kosiv and Vorokhta. The main advantage is that you will be able to travel light and get great deal of impressions from biking destinations.

The bike routes in the area ranged from moderately strenuous to extreme, the latter combine uphill and downhill countryside paths and routes leading to interesting and scenic spots like mountain waterfalls, lakes and passes. Wherever you go, Bukovel, Halych, Kosiv or Hlybivka, scenic views are awaiting you. By the way, Bukovel Bike Park is open for riders in summer time, so you can test your guts and downhill there or maybe, just watch other pros riding on the edge.

Bear in mind that the Hutsuls are pretty much bike friendly, thus, prefer a rover ( local nickname for a bike) to a horse or a car.